StackKey historical charting

New charting on our Summary page gives you the power to track and compare historical crash volume across StackKeys.


If you’ve been on the Summary page in the past week, you’ve had a sneak peak at our newest feature.

Today, we would like to happily pass along the news that users can now track their StackKey’s historical volume on the Summary page.

We think this is important because it gives you and your team a completely new level of insight into what kinds of crashes users are experiencing.

It will also allow you to track the effectiveness of the fixes implemented to fix specific problems by giving you the ability to answer questions such as:

Question: Did crashes for the StackKey myJavaCrasherConsole.NullPointerTest(87) disappear after Tom pushed that fix on Jan. 1 — the fix he promised would solve all our worldly problems?


Answer: Ohh look, Tom’s a damn liar.

Question: Has StackKey myconsoleCrasher!wmain(52) been a bigger problem over the past month than that always pesky and troublesome myJavaCrasherConsole.NullPointerTest(87)?


Answer: Despite having more total crashes, myconsoleCrasher!wmain(52) has not been nearly as much of a pest over the past couple of weeks. Go to search and destroy mode on myJavaCrasherConsole.NullPointerTest(87).

Obviously the questions you can answer are not limited to the examples above! If you find a fun use-case, or have any questions, please reach out to us at

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