New StackKey alerts via Slack.

Our Slack integration notifies you when a new type of crash shows up in your BugSplat database.


New Splat Alert! Our new Slack integration in action.Last week we pushed out a new feature for our Slack integration. You can now be notified through Slack when a new StackKey is created for your database.

We built this feature after it was suggested by a customer:

“If you could make it (Slack integration) for new buckets, it would be infinitely more useful.”

Before this new feature, our Slack integration would only alert you to every new crash in a database.

This is really useful for development or for smaller databases when every crash is important. For larger crash volumes, being alerted to every crash is a drag.

We think you’ll find this new feature useful. It only pings you on Slack when a new type of crash is experienced by your users.

It gives you a heads up to new problems that might go unnoticed by your team.

Kinda cool, right?

To change this setting for your team, please visit your Options page and setup Slack integration.


If you have suggestions for other features, please let us know at

*StackKey is what BugSplat calls buckets of crashes caused by similar defects. It helps our customers determine which defects are causing their happy users to crash most frequently.

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