Music for video games is immensely important. It sets the mood of the world you’ve created as well as guides players as they advance through the game.

“. . . music in videogames has proven to be the difference between a defining emotional climax reaching its full splendor, and what would have otherwise been [a] captivating moment achieving the poignancy of a dried tomato . . .” — Lachlan Vass, “The Role of Music in Video Games”

Unfortunately, music is often a forgotten aspect of crafting a video game experience. So much goes into gameplay, art design, storyboarding, and other activities that music can be left behind.

Don’t believe music makes a big difference? See how music changes this well-known movie scene.

The message here: find the right music for your game! Your users will thank you for it!

Here is a list of places to start. Pay careful attention to each site individually. They may have different definitions of “free to use.”

Free music for video games

If you have a suggestion for a free music resource please send us a tweet @BugSplatCo. We’d love to add your resource to our list.



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