At BugSplat, we interact daily with developers who are working on independent video game projects. These projects are amazing, and the people behind them really inspire us to build the best crash-reporting tool we possibly can.

A typical example of this is the KickStarter-backed video game Moonman and Ben Porter, the wonderful developer behind it. You can read about how crash reporting helps him while developing Moonman here.

From our experience supporting new game developers, we’ve learned about the struggles that often plague game development and independent game development in particular.

One huuuge concern we hear about is the budget for these projects. To help with this problem, we’ve instituted a Free Tier of service for low volume users. If you’re in development it’s perfect for your needs. Importantly, it’s also free.

But that’s just one aspect of developing a game. You still need so many other assets and services to be successful.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of posts that provide lists of the best places to find free assets and services that are useful to game developers.

We hope that you will find these lists useful.

Episode List

Episode 1: Where to find free music for your video game project?

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