Dustin Henry of HipChat talks about crash reporting, BugSplat, and taking over the world!

Dustin is an Austin-based, Sr. Developer for Atlassian’s HipChat team. Here he answers a few questions for us about how important crash reporting is for developers and why HipChat chose BugSplat.

HipChat, the popular group chat, file sharing, video chat, and screen-sharing application used by millions of people around the world, is one of two Atlassian teams using BugSplat to track crashes in their application. The other Atlassian team using BugSplat is the fine folks behind SourceTree.

BugSplat: Hi Dustin, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today!

Dustin: No problem at all. My pleasure!

BugSplat: What factors contributed to your decision to integrate BugSplat?

Dustin: When searching for a Windows crash-reporting system, BugSplat was the clear winner, given your feature set, ease of implementation into HipChat, and the fact that your were already ahead of the curve with a JIRA integration for tracking defects beyond the initial crash report.

BugSplat: How has HipChat benefited from crash reporting?

Dustin: Crash reporting is an essential part of any enterprise-level software application, especially with a large daily user base composed of users with a variety of hardware configurations. BugSplat has allowed HipChat to not only find and solve possible problems in our code base but also in those of various third-party libraries we use.

BugSplat: How does your team use BugSplat on a day-to-day basis?

Dustin: We use BugSplat on a daily basis to ensure the health of HipChat and to verify that every new version maintains a high level of quality.

BugSplat: In your opinion, what do teams risk by not prioritizing crash reporting?

Dustin: Crashes are a fact of software. Even with great developers and extensive QA, it’s impossible to plan for every scenario. With crash reporting, you have a real-time look into the health of your product and the ability to really dig deep into what the possible problems could be.

BugSplat: Do you and your team have a favorite way to celebrate after big wins?

Dustin: Same thing we do every night, Pinky . . . try to take over the world.


BugSplat: Thanks Dustin for taking the time to do this! For everyone reading, if you’re not already using HipChat with your team, you can find out more about it here.

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